The following people currently serve as elected members of the SASY council. Please feel free to contact them to discuss the future of our neighborhood. Or send an email to and well see that it reaches the right person.

If you are looking to get into the discussion, there's the Facebook group, the Yahoo group and Nextdoor. Check out the Committees page for areas of particular interest. 

Position 1.  Circle Park:  Michael Vickerman mvickerman @
Position 2.  East Washington Ave  Tim McCarty twmccarty @
Position 3.  Evergreen:  Heather Driscoll heather.m.driscoll @
Position 4.  Hawthorne Park:  Ryan Koglin  rkoglin123 @
Position 5.  Olbrich:  Brad Hinkfuss  bradhinkfuss @
Position 6.  Schenk's Corners:  Brad Czachor @
Position 7.  Wirth Court Park:  Megan Williamson    mswilliamson @
Position 8.  Starkweather Creek:  Brad Kuse    bradkuse @
Position 9.  Yahara:  Yogesh Chawla premiergeneration @
Position 10.  Business Liaison Rep:  Mia Brodersen stofen @
Position 11.  Goodman Community Center Liaison Rep:  Margo Tiedt   margo @

Position 12.  Special Representative I:  Jason Tish  jason.tish @
Position 13.  Special Representative II: Dan Lenz dan.lenz @
Position 14.  Special Representative III:  Davy Mayer  davy.mayer @   
Position 15.  Special Representative IV:  Ginny Jenkins gingerlynn81 @

SASY Treasurer: Tim McCarty twmccarty @
SASY Chair:  Brad Hinkfuss   bradhinkfuss @
SASY Membership Coordinator: 
Megan Williamson   mswilliamson @
SASY Communications and Outreach Coordinator: 
Brad Kuse  bradkuse @
SASY Preservation and Development Committee Chair:  Brad Hinkfuss  bradhinkfuss @