2014 Annual Membership Meeting

What's buzzing in SASY-land? Share a community dinner, find out the scoop, and share your voice.

Thursday, April 3, 2014 ~ 6:30 - 8:30 PM at Goodman Community Center

Featuring a "SASY State of the Neighborhood" presentation and discussion, with special guests Alder Marsha Rummel and Meghan Blake-Horst representing AWABA (Atwood Winnebago Area Business Association).

Proposed Meeting Agenda

  • Check in, pay SASY member dues (suggested dues $5),
  • Serving Bunky's chicken bolognaise, RPs vegetarian ravioli, salads, beverages, and dessert.
  • Welcome and Introductions (Lou Host-Jablonski, SASY Chair)
  • SASY State of the Neighborhood with sasy engagement
  • Nominations and election of area reps and SASY special reps * (introduced by Betty Chewning, Rep 13) 
  • Proposed changes to SASY bylaws and member vote
  • Door Prizes!
  • Social time and dessert

Elections - see FAQ about joining SASY Council

 The SASY Council positions up for nomination and election (see unique process, below) include:  

  • Circle Park
  • East Washington
  • Hawthorne Park
  • Schenk's Corners
  • Starkweather
  • Special Representative positions 12, 14, 15

The Business Rep is nominated and elected by SASY Council at next meeting.  Please share suggestions.

SASY's mission and bylaws provide an overview of Council duties.

SASY Map (note 'fuzzy' boundaries):


For more information about the upcoming meeting, SASY or Council member duties, visit the SASY Contact page or contact Lance Green, SASY's interim Membership Coordinator.

SASY Membership Meeting
Proposed steps for orderly and democratic voting

By Betty Chewning and Catherine Stephens  

1. Check in by Council Members at table
a. Record name, address, SASY area, email, take membership
dues (suggested donation is $5, $1 minimum).
2. SASY members pick up 2 ballots at check in.
a. Ballot to vote for geographic SASY rep
b. Ballot with space to vote for at-large reps.
3. Welcome & Introduction to voting process
4. Members adjourn into their geographic groups with their neighbors.  Each
geographic group finds out if there is a person or persons who want to run
for the geographic rep for their area.  If there is more than one person,
each area votes by ballot and have all those not running count the ballots
in their group.
5. Reassemble and discuss as a group who would like to run for the at-large
seats.  For example – someone who would have run for the geographic rep but
another person wanted it or got it.   Or, interested for other reason.  
6. Names noted on large board.   Ask potential at large reps to introduce
themselves.  If there are more people than we have at-large seats for, use
SASY ballots and people write in the names of the candidates they
want to vote for.  If there aren’t more people than seats, we can take the
slate as a whole.
7. In the case of ties, the council will transparently and fairly vote at the
next council meeting who will join the council


Thank you to Bunky's and the Goodman Community Center for their generous support.