Letter to Garver/North Plat RFP Committee re: SASY recommendations 26 Feb 15 (PDF)


MG&E Committee Proposed Resolution Opposing MG&E Rate Restructuring (PDF)
 Letter in response to RFP to Garver Building RFP and Proposal Review Committee (PDF)
Letter to Mayor Soglin, Parks Department, et. al., RE: phosphorus treatment facility at North Plat (PDF)
Response from Greg Fries, City of Madison Engineering (PDF)
State of The Neighborhood — presentation at Annual Meeting April 2014


Letter to Mayor in support of Pinney Branch library ---  Mayor's Rsponse
Airport Noise Presentation to County Exec Parisi, 21  Feb 13 (PDF)

SASY's to Wisconsin DNR and others re: KIPP pollution,  27 Mar 2013

SASY's open  letter re: police shooting of Paul Heenan, 27 Jan 2013


SASY Airport Noise letter to County Exec Joe Parisi 8 October 2012
SASY News Release for Airport Noise Letter 8 October 2012

SASY Annual Membership Meeting April 19
SASY Well 8 Letter to Mayor Soglin April 13   Mayor's response letter 11 May
SASY Bylaws revised April 2012

SASY forum with Mayor Soglin January 12


SASY response to DNR scope of work - Kipp
City of Madison Redistricting Amendment 3 - SASY response.pdf

Supporting Citizen Advisory Panel Water Conservation Measures.pdf
East Side News SASY article July/August edition.pdf

East Side News Solstice story July/August edition.pdf
SASY Email Discussion guidelines.pdf

Revised SASY Bylaws approved at April membership meeting.pdf